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Some most Famous Visitors Places of France

Eiffel Tower
It is known as the symbol of Paris & one of Tourist place in France it was situated by Gustave Eiffel approx. 200,000,00people have visited here it is the most visited paid tourist destination.
It is the most famous ski place of French Alps situated at the foot of Mont Blanc, in 1924 it was the site of first winter Olympic games in winter season it is world class skiers place they push themseves on Europe's most challenging slope, in summer Chamonix is an adventurous place for alpine mountain bikers.
Palais des Papes
It is one of the largest Gothic building in the world it was built when Pope Clement abandoned Rome, the walls are 3 meter
thick watchtowers emphasize the castle look like as the palace.

Chateau De chambord
It is the second most visited place in France it is a masterpiece of Renaissance. The cold & massive rooms of the Chateau made it unpopular.

Mont Saint Michel

It is a small tidal island it is located off the coast of Normandy. A beautiful well preserved Norman Benedictine church the St.Michel situated at the peak of the rocky island it is surrounded by the winding streets.

Bank of Seine

The bank of Seine in Paris are the most popular world's famous riverside embankments it starts from Notre Dame up at road level the bank has many homes of hundred bouquinistes or second hand bookstall. The bouquinistes are a historic tradition.

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