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France is one of the most famous visitor destination in the world, Paris is the most famous place of France it is known as the high cultured state beautiful beaches & seaside resorts creates picturesque view. France presents the most unique natural enviornment of any country in Europe there are thousand numbers of natural attraction here overall France has beautiful riverscape, range of historic monuments, cathedral, palaces and mostly known nightlife scene in the world. France has one reason which makes it world's number one destination, it has many tourist sights for all tastes it has splendid holiday opportunities for everyone it gives energetic break climbing, hiking & cycling are Frances's adventarous outdoors.

The more cities of Lyon & Marseille also have their charm even smallar town & villages usually have beautiful church or building of interest, museum & restaurants for which country is famous. one of world famouos art gallary located here with masterpiece as Mona Lisa & contain almost the work of greatest painters in this museum there are more museum with exceptionally rich collection of antiquities includes classical bronze & Egyptian mummies.

France known for world class art & architecture Roman temples & iconic landmark famous all over the world, French wine is known as one of the finest wine internationally it is the largest wine producer of the world. It is also the favourite producer of spirits like Grand Marnier, Napoleon. You can visit & discover more of France.
France is also one of the famous country richest in festivals & holidays in Eurpean countries, it is the secular country, according to the law the church & the states are seprated there are five famous religion in Franace Islam, Judaism, Protestantism & Buddhism, the government allows complete freedom of religion as constitutional right. France traditionally considered Church's eldest daughter King of France have close links to the Pope. If we talk about France climate it is generally cool winter & mild summer touched with Mediterranean it has hot summer.

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